Graduation Congratulations: Jillian, Yunxing, Katie, Spencer, Zach, Maddie…

At yesterday’s commencement ceremonies (why is it called “commencement,” and not “completion”….) we celebrated

  • Jillian Bohnker’s PhD  – she walked across the stage carrying her 1-week old daughter, Hannah.
  • Yunxing Su’s PhD
  • David Boerma’s PhD
  • Spencer Carroll’s ScB and his job at the Jet Propulsion Lab
  • Zach Gamble’s ScB and his job at Draper Labs
  • Maddie Gaw’s ScB and her job at the House Committee on Science and Technology
  • Katie Wu’s ScB and her Fullbright to Kyoto (followed by PhD program at Princeton)
  • Also congratulations to Michael Miller, friend of the lab, who got his PhD
    Jillian Bohnker, Yunxing Su and Hannah Bohnker celebrating their PhDs with Kenny Breuer (OK, Hannah didn’t get a PhD yet)

    David Boerma celebrating receiving his PhD with Kenny Breuer

Summer News

Congratulations to Zijie Qu and Yi Fan who received their PhDs.  

Yi Fan, Zijie Qu get their PhD at Brown!!

Welcome back to Katie Wu and Julian Lopez-Uricoechea both of whom have worked with us during the academic year, and are returning for summer research positions.

Welcome to Quentin Guillaumin who is visiting from ESPCI (in Paris) for a few months and will work on vortex dynamics in energy harvesting flows (picture to be posted soon…)

Congratulations to Gali, who will present a paper at the US National Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (US NCTAM) in Chicago.

Congratulations to Yunxing and Jillian, both of whom will present papers at the AIAA Summer conference in Atlanta.  Jillian will also present a paper at the European Experimental Fluid Mechanics meeting in Munich.


Summer news!

Congratulations to Hamid on accepting a faculty position at Lawrence Tech. in Michigan. Hamid will start there in August.

Welcome to our iTeam members: Zach, Diana, Molly, Maddie, Ian and KJ, who are joining the lab for the summer to work on bat flight and bio-inspired robotics.