Summer news!

Congratulations to Hamid on accepting a faculty position at Lawrence Tech. in Michigan. Hamid will start there in August.

Welcome to our iTeam members: Zach, Diana, Molly, Maddie, Ian and KJ, who are joining the lab for the summer to work on bat flight and bio-inspired robotics.


Kenny Breuer with Jonah Hill, Miles Teller and our Robotic Bat on Spanish TV – El hormiguero!

No – thats not Kenny, thats Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, admiring a pair of Rousettus bats. Kenny and his collaborator, Soon-Jo Chung (of Caltech) were in Spain, appearing on the Spanish variety show – El hormiguero (“the anthill”) talking about our collaborative NSF project on bat flight and bio-inspired robotic bats.  Oh yeah, Jonah Hill and Miles Teller were there too!

Congratulations, Farewell and Welcome!

Congratulations to: Cosima Schunk, who defended her PhD in May and is off to Colorado for a Post Doc with Sean Humbert; to Kyohei Onoue, who also defended his PhD in May and is staying at Brown as a Post Doc; to Joon Park who defended his PhD in August and is off to Minnesota for a Post Doc with Satish Kumar – Farewell, and Bon Voyage to all!

Benvenuto to Matteo di Luca who joined the lab from Italy as a new PhD student!

Robotic bat collaboration via “The Verge”

We have a lovely collaboration with Soon Jo Chung and Seth Hutchinson at UIUC – – someone at The Verge put this together!

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Source: The Verge


Congratulations to Kyohei and Cosima who received their PhDs yesterday!  Cosima is moving on to a Post Doc at the University of Colorado and Kyohei is continuing on as a Post Doc here at Brown!

Congratulations as well to Nguyen Le, Liza Gibbs and Hayley McClintock, who received their Batchelor’s degrees.  All the best to you in your endeavors beyond College Hill!

Congratulations to Kyohei on his new paper in JFM:  “Vortex formation and shedding from a cyber-physical pitching plate”

We report on the dynamics of the formation and growth of the leading-edge vortex and the corresponding unsteady aerodynamic torque induced by large-scale flow-induced oscillations of an elastically mounted flat plate. All experiments are performed using a high-bandwidth cyber-physical system, which enables the user to access a wide range of structural dynamics using a feedback control system. A series of two-dimensional particle image velocimetry measurements are carried out to characterize the behaviour of the separated flow structures and its relation to the plate kinematics and unsteady aerodynamic torque generation. By modulating the structural properties of the cyber-physical system, we systematically analyse the formation, strength and separation of the leading-edge vortex, and the dependence on kinematic parameters. We demonstrate that the leading-edge vortex growth and strength scale with the characteristic feeding shear-layer velocity and that a potential flow model using the measured vortex circulation and position can, when coupled with the steady moment of the flat plate, accurately predict the net aerodynamic torque on the plate. Connections to previous results on optimal vortex formation time are also discussed.

Source: Vortex formation and shedding from a cyber-physical pitching plate