Graduation Congratulations: Jillian, Yunxing, Katie, Spencer, Zach, Maddie…

At yesterday’s commencement ceremonies (why is it called “commencement,” and not “completion”….) we celebrated

  • Jillian Bohnker’s PhD  – she walked across the stage carrying her 1-week old daughter, Hannah.
  • Yunxing Su’s PhD
  • David Boerma’s PhD
  • Spencer Carroll’s ScB and his job at the Jet Propulsion Lab
  • Zach Gamble’s ScB and his job at Draper Labs
  • Maddie Gaw’s ScB and her job at the House Committee on Science and Technology
  • Katie Wu’s ScB and her Fullbright to Kyoto (followed by PhD program at Princeton)
  • Also congratulations to Michael Miller, friend of the lab, who got his PhD
    Jillian Bohnker, Yunxing Su and Hannah Bohnker celebrating their PhDs with Kenny Breuer (OK, Hannah didn’t get a PhD yet)

    David Boerma celebrating receiving his PhD with Kenny Breuer